On the first day of seventh grade, I learned I was, in fact, a superhero. The Invisible Woman. New girl; transfer; who? I wasn’t pretty. I wasn’t popular. I wasn’t known.

Three years of braces and glasses lingered one lonely lunch at a time, until I found my voice as a writer for the high school newspaper.

Journalism and I developed a certain understanding; authentic storytelling is not always pretty or popular either. But the craft allows an observant, brave person to make truth known.

As a writer and photographer, I illuminate complexities surrounding social justice — race, education, disability and poverty, among others.

photo by Qiling Wang

Whether behind a camera lens or a laptop screen, I frame my work around creating space for members of a polarized society to get to know one other.

Connecting people on opposite sides of  the political spectrum, I look for the newsworthy angles that challenge long-held perspectives and assumptions.

We need socially-conscious narratives in a diverse society. In this digital age, I am committed to the craft of authentic, thoughtful storytelling across platforms.

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Watch this video about my multimedia work.

Video produced and edited by Levi Barrie and Schelly Stone.

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